The Perfect Carry On Packing Guide

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Why on earth we need a carry-on bag since we can squeeze everything into our luggage?


Imagine you board a long hour plane, and suddenly your lips crack due to the dry air condition, or you need your toothbrush after getting up from your hours sleep? 

The worst thing is to realize the stuffs you need are all in the check-in  luggage, 

Whenever we travel, packing our carry-on is very important. We ensure the things, especially the important ones are available in our carry-on bag. Want to know what are some of the stuffs?

The Perfect Carry On Packing Guide

Here is our Perfect Carry-on Packing Guide to help get you on your way at your destination with no worries!

Stay Organized

Travel wallet - How is it to feel if you can't find your passport when you need them at the check-in counter? Devastated? 

Multifunction Travel Storage Organizer

The purpose of a travel organized wallet is to store your passport, credit card, money, ID, mobile phone, receipts, pen and more... They keep all your important travel documents intact and you don't have to worry that you can't find them anymore.

Toiletry bag - This toiletry bag is not meant for your bottled shampoo or shower cream.

PVC travel toiletry bag for bath and beauty

Those are to be packed with your travel luggage. The main use of a toiletry bag for carry-on bag is to store travel essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste and maybe your facial wash.

Stay Fresh

Comb/hairbrush - Hate fuzzy hair after waking up from the rest? That is common during air flight - tacked hair gshh...

travel carry-on packing guide

So what you can do is to bring along a small hairbrush. If you have limited space, a comb will do.

Tissue (not wet tissue) - Now that is essential. The chill and coldness can be unbearable, and the next thing you notice is the leaking nose (oops).

 Perfect travel carry on guide

Have a few packs of tissue with you. It doesn't take up much of the space but very useful when you need them.

Wet Tissue/Hydrate sheet- Don't think tissue is enough when you are out of your house. The purpose of wet tissue works differently.

The items for carry-on bags

Imagine a small cup of sweet apple juice (provided by the airline) splashed onto your neck while you drink. It can a trouble to get out of the seat and cross through 2 big size neighbor. Now wet tissue does magic. At least a wipe to keep you clean till you landed your destination.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste - There are travel base toothbrush etc where you can bring along for travel trips.

what to bring on carry-on bag

Most importantly is to keep fresh and stay fresh!

Stay Hydrate

You are organized and fresh, next is to keep ourselves hydrated. 

Lip balm - Keep your lip moisturize from the dry cold air.

the guide to carry on packing bag

May it be the air con on plane or the weather of the place you are going, crack lips are painful!

Water bottle - There are several roll-up water bottle that is great for travelling, vacation and holiday. You can get them fill up om plane and keep yourself hydrated all day long.

 the only guide you need to pack carry on bag

Eye drop - Pack a bottle of eye drop in your carry-on bag to consistently keep yourself away from dry eye.

only perfect travel carry on packing guide

You can look things more clearly when your eye is properly hydrated.

Stay Entertain

Physical book/Kindle eBook - If you feel bringing a physical book is bulky, you may consider a table or Kindle. You can carry few thousands ebook at a size slightly bigger than your mobile phone.

kindle on travel carry on guide

Mobile phone - In the newage technology, there are few hundred thousands of app ready to keep you entertain. Get some travel app or software onto your phone to assist you with a smooth travel trip or simply to give you fun throughout your journey.

Headphone - It's worth to invest a pair of good headphones for frequent travelers.

travel headphone for perfect carry on packing guide

Choose the one that fit your ear and easy to bring around. It is also a sign of 'DO NOT DISTURB' to anyone beside you!

Stay Comfortable

Scarf - This is an optional item but we feel that it is essential. A simple scarf can keep us from the chill coldness in the plane or train. And scarf is not only for woman, men do look good in scarf!

the best travel carry on packing guide

Neck pillow - The top choice whenever we go for a trip. No matter we are taking flight, going on train ride or road trip, we never miss bringing a neck pillow along.

Trtl Designed Travel Pillow

One of the top seller item in NATravelers is this Trtl Designed Travel Pillow that specially created with the neck support technology. You never have to suffer from neck pain or shoulder ache from the long travelling hours.

Flat shoe - To stay comfortable at ease, you want things that can be remove and put on easily.

Quick Dry Non-slip Shoe For Travel 

A slip-on flat shoe works just with that purpose. You can easily take them off and rest well on the crampy air plane seat.

Warm socks - A pair of thick socks (maybe with some pocka dots pattern) can be place in the carry-on bag and wear them when you are on long distance flight or train ride.

travel sock for best comfort in travel

The sock is to keep both of your feet warm so you can sleep well throughout the journey.

Now you can stay fresh, organized, entertain, hydrate and comfortable no matter where you are traveling to. These are the recommended travel essentials and travel accessories, you can add on with other items such as travel make-up kit etc (depending on personal needs).

Just plan out where you will be going, what you will be doing and what probably will you need for the trip and you can pack a fully efficient travel carry-on bag.

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