Top 10 Flight Essentials For Long Haul Flight

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Going for a vacation soon?

Top 10 Flight Essentials For Long Haul Flight

Awesome, however if you need to spend more than 10 hours on a plane, it can turn your most looking-forward holiday into a grumpy painful experience.

Long-haul flights are a brutal test of endurance. How can you survive them without going crazy?

Proper Preparation

Long haul flights not only can lead to health issues (back or neck pain), it is definitely going to hurt your mood with the heavy toll on your body and mind.

For the long 14 hours trip from San Francisco to Sydney, we have got ourselves well-prepared travel accessories so that our long haul flight can be enjoyable and less painful!

Want to know how we survive the long hours on flight?

Ready For Take Off

We have outlined our recommended travel gears, tools and travel accessories we use to manage the long flight hours - to help keep you less stressful pain and more enjoyable.

Flight Accessories Travel Gear For Long Hour Flight.png

Below, we’ve outlined the tools that we use to survive long, international flights. To keep things simple and organized, it is categorized into inflight comfort with travel pillow, packing organizers, travel essential wears and travel accessories.

Get ready now!

Essential Wear / Clothing for Long Hours Flights

The airplane chairs are getting smaller and smaller. So all you want is comfort, nothing more. You want something that is simple to put on or take off in the small clumsy seats. You want lightweight piece of clothing to keep your warm in the cold airplane.

Lets start from the top...

FUZZY hair... Worst thing to happen. And what can you do to prevent that to happen?

fuzzy hair on plane

#10 Flight Essential - Cap or Hoodie

A simple cap is good enough to keep everything intact. Bring a simple-looking design (so it can match most of your clothing) in your backpack.

Or wear a hoodie. Covering your head with it also send a message of "Do Not Disturb" to other travelers beside you!

#9 Flight Essential - Eye mask & ear plug

Sleeping on planes is really hard. And to make sleep easier, get an some travel accessories such as eye mask and ear plugs to help keep your sleep intact. 

#8 Flight Essential - Travel Pillow

And to be able to sleep well on long flight, a travel pillow is what you must have.

Comfortable inflight travel pillow by NATravelers,com

After consolidating all the feedback and reviews from customers, we recommended our top comfy travel pillow that is ready to keep you from sore neck. The support is guaranteed you best sleep on flight, train or cars.

#7 Flight Essential - Jacket or sweater

Coming to the your upper body, always bring an extra layer to keep you warmth when on plane. You can consider yourself a light jacket or cardigan. They are comfortable and can be rolled up into a pillow if you don’t need the extra layer.

Going downwards to your feet...

Long-haul flight can cause your feet to swell. This is not a sure thing but it's better to stay cautious so when that really happens, you will not be in any uncomfortable situation.

#6 Flight Essential - Slip-on Shoes

We recommend you slip-on shoes that allow you easily remove them on the plane. And if you want to go shoeless, you can have wool socks to keep your feet warm in the cold airplane. 

Non-slip slip-on shoes by

Beauty Essential for Long-Haul Flights

The main reason why we all (including men) needs beauty essentials for long hours of flight because the dry air and change of weather climate can extract the moisture out from your skin, so it's super important to hydrate them.

There could a few small size bottles or travel item to bring along with you when you board your flight or train. To prevent from misplacing them, you can use a packing organizer to have them all nicely placed in the pack, so you will never have to search all the bags to get 1 bottle.

Compact Travel Bag from

And these are some of the essential to bring on plane:

#5 Flight Essential - Lip Balm

Always use a hydrating lip balm whenever you travel, especially to cool weather places.

#4 Flight Essential - Roll-on Deodorant

A simple roll-on deodorant is good enough to keep your skin moisture. 

#3 Flight Essential - Facial Wipes

Whether you put makeup or you don't, a face wipes are one of the few travel essential accessories to bring along. These wipes not only clear away the dirt on your skin, it gives you the hydration from the dry cool wind.


Other Essential that Never Miss

We always bring own stuff to keep ourselves entertained and feel easy on long flight or travel trips. This is really useful if you can't sleep on plane or train, you definitely need these to keep yourself occupied.

#2 Flight Essential - Heaphones 

A piece of inflight essential item we will never miss to bring it with us when boarding. You don't need those high spec headphones. All you need is one that has noise cancelling effect and you feel comfortable wearing them to sleep. 

#1 Flight Essential - Portable charger 

Portable chargers is a must wherever we go. And now we are using a solar panel waterproof portable charger where we can bring to hiking, camping and other adventures activities.

 Waterproof Solar Panel Power Charger

What are some other travel essentials that you must have when you are boarding a long-haul flight?

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